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The English Bulldog is one the most popular breeds these days. They are fun to be with and you will surely love them. Owning one will make you a proud bully parent. And part of being a parent, you need to make sure that they are well-groomed and healthy.  Our puppies are well groomed to become healthy sire and dames for their new homes. Buy English bulldogs online – Bulldogs for sale

We base our pet care depending on the weight, age and health condition of our English Bulldogs, Give them fresh water and make sure that he has easy access to it all the time. Choose healthy treats to avoid health issues. For a healthy diet for our dogs, we have a nutrition sheet so you will have a guide as to how often you will feed him, the food he was fed at and the quantity. we often deliver alongside the puppy as an extra pack. Buy English bulldogs

we  are able to determine our Bulldog’s food consumption through trial and error and also by observing his weight. Expert breeders suggest, feed your Bulldog 20-70 calories per pound of body weight or depending on your dog’s activity. Since Bulldogs do not move that much and are vulnerable to obesity, your dog may require less. Bulldog pups for sale –

Once you purchase an English Bulldog puppy, you need to feed him 2 to 3 times per day. Do not leave an extra food on his or her side, it will usually lead to overeating and adding extra pound on his body can add pressure on his developing joints, bones and muscles.

Our Regular English Bulldog Exercises

Bulldogs need some exercise like daily walk as part of their maintenance routine for a well-balanced healthy life. You can start by taking him for a short walk and then increase the distance slowly.

During summer, you are not supposed to expose your dog to too much heat or he will experience heatstroke. Bulldogs are prone to heatstroke so keep your dog indoors during summer days. Instead, engage him in alternative activities like swimming. You can take him out early in the morning or late in the evening when it is not that hot.

Our English Bulldog care tips are quick and easy. You can do the grooming or you can find someone to care for your Bulldog’s grooming needs. Your dog’s diet is very important, keep it healthy. Buy English bulldogs online

It is important also that you visit your Bulldog’s vet once in a while. Your dog’s vet can give you some instructions on how to take care of your English bulldog. Provide your English Bulldog proper care and maintenance to help him live a happy and healthy life.

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